Farmstead Cheeses

Farmstead Cheeses

One of the overriding factors that contribute to the quality of these products is the location. Anversa degli Abruzzi is located in the center of two of the largest National Parks in Italy and is also a World Wildlife Federation site. In these pristine surroundings, with the rugged mountains and micro climates, over 125 wild herbs and flowers have been identified.

So the sheep, the bees, the olives and the plants all flourish in these beautiful surroundings. These are products that otherwise would not be available outside of this small region. Our mission is to bring these flavors, the terroir of the small village of our family, here to you in America.

Cold Smoked Organic Ricotta w/Juniper

Made from sheep's organic milk. After a short drying to make it harder, the ricotta is salted and matured for 100 days.

This Ricotta is flavored with Italian Peperoncino (chili). Made from pure "Sopravvissana" sheep's milk fed on the high pastures of Abruzzo.

Cold Smoked Organic Ricotta with Mountain Herbs. Aged 3-9 months. Mountain herbs: peperoncino, thyme, rosemary.

Organic Raw Podolico Cow Milk. Aged 6-15 months Made with Raw Podolico Italiano cow’s milk, Salt and Rennet.

From the rare Pezzata Rossa cow. Aged for 3 months or more. Made with Raw Pezzata Rossa Italiano cow’s milk, Salt and Rennet.

“Pecorino of the Park" - Organic, Aged at least 2 months and made from organic sheep milk, salt and rennet.

The story of this cheese, found in ancient caves, has been handed down from generation to generation, from great grandfathers and uncles.

This "Black Skin" Pecorino is a classic Pecorino cheese, made by raw organic sheep milk. Its black skin is due to charcoal, mixed with flour and olive oil.

Organic. Aged 3 months or more. Made from raw Sopravvissana sheep milk, salt and rennet.

Abruzzo Pecorino with Goat Yoghurt. Aged for 2 to 4 months. Made from organic raw “Sopravvissana” sheep milk, Goat Yoghurt, sea salt and rennet.

Butter in cheese? Yes, butter in cheese. Before the advent of refrigeration, the shepherds figured out a way to preserve this intensely flavored butter.

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