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Ricotta Passita

Ricotta Passita Organic Ricotta with Mountain Herbs  1 LB As featured in Wine Spectator, cousin Nunzio’s ricottas are listed in the Slow Food Book of Italian Cheese and Ark of Taste. This is an organic, sheep's milk ricotta from Abruzzo...
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Pecorino di Parco

Pecorino di Parco 1 lb. Also known as Pecorino of the Parks", this organic cheese is aged at least 6 months and made from organic sheep milk, salt and rennet. Classic example of the extraordinary pecorino of Abruzzo. Rich, nutty and full flavored with...
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Ricotta Scorza Nera

Organic "Black Skin" RicottaOur Ricotta Scorza Nera was one of only 17 cheeses entered into the "Gambero Rosso" Formaggi i Migliori d"Italia 2012, the Best Italian Cheese guide.Organic, Aged 100 days, made from organic Sopravvissana sheep milk whey,...