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    To Savor: Italian Cheeses With a Family History


    It doesn’t get more artisanal than this...High on my list are the herbaceous ricotta passita, the grassy pecornio di parco, the delicate pecorino scorza nera covered in ash, and especially the lush, satiny pecorino gregoriano”.Read The Full Article


    The Best Of Abruzzo



    Extruded through bronze dies (which give it a rough-hewn texture) and made with spring water from a national park in Abruzzo, these noodles elevate any dish.


    Wall Street Journal


    “Rest assured, this haul of epicurean delights from Abruzzo, Italy, will satisfy even the most persnickety palates.” - Wall Street Journal


    Say Cheese: From Abruzzo to NYC


    My favorite was his ricotta scorza nera, an aged sheep’s milk ricotta with a natural black skin and a creamy interior.Read The Full Article


    Wine Enthusiast:


    Several Marcelli Formaggi oils featured in print and digital gift guide


    From Abruzzo, the Best Cheeses You’ve Never Had


    The words to describe the Marcelli family’s smoked ricotta come to me as pure and innocent—a clean milkiness perfumed ever so slightly by the juniper wood smoke.Read The Full Article


    Culture Magazine Reviews


    Ricotta al fumo di Ginepro Read The Full Article

    Ricotta Scorza Nera Read The Full Article

    Pecorino Muffato di Anversa Marcelli Read The Full Article


    This is the ultimate gift for the Italian chef in your life.


    This is the ultimate gift for the Italian chef in your life. Marcelli Formaggi is a small, family-run business and the sole U.S. importer of cheese, honey, olive oil and handmade pasta from Abruzzo, Italy. With clients like Marta, Marc Forgione and Eataly, you know their products are the best of the best. The Big Cheese Collezione is the ultimate sampling of their products., including three cheese, six pastas, two flavored oils and much more See The Gift Guide


    To impress a dinner guest with a phenomenal and truly original Italian cheese plate


    To impress a dinner guest with a phenomenal and truly original Italian cheese plate, we look to Tina Marcelli, who along with her father and brother at Marcelli Formaggi, is bringing far more exotic Italian cheeses stateside.” -­‐ Men’s Journal


    Robb Report: FrontRunners: Wheels of Fortune


    Cheese from Abruzzo, Italy, is rare enough in the United States, but the handmade pecorinos and aged ricottas imported by New Jersey’s Marcelli Formaggi - Read The Full Article


    Wine & Spirits: Included Marcelli Formaggi cheeses in annual holiday gift guide


    Marcelli Formaggi imports organic, small production Italian cheeses, like Caciocavallos from Pezzata Rossa and Podolico Colantuano. Both carry a tang and deep depth of flavor at home on a holiday cheeseboard. - Read The Full Article


    Smokin Sheep’s Ricotta: Marcelli Formaggi


    Great ricotta used to only be available in Italy. In fact, tasting fresh ricottas when in Sienna or Tuscany was bittersweet, because you knew that what you could get at home would only pale in comparison. Those vibrant flavors and textures were only available as long as you stood on foreign soil. - Read The Full Article


    Resident Magazine:


    Treat someone special to a gift that’s both delicious and luxurious. As the sole U.S. importer of cheese, honey, olive oil, and handmade pasta products from Abruzzo, Italy, Marcelli Formaggi is a foodie favorite. - See The Guide


    James Beard Recipe Delights and Predjudices


    Marc Forgione makes these gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches with Pecorino Gregoriano, a raw sheep’s milk cheese from Abruzzo.


    BedFord Cheese Shop - Cheesepinions


    This week, Dylan is so into Pecorino di Parco. Read Article


    Franny's Brooklyn People Love


    With our love of all things local, and our reverence for simplicity when it comes to Italian food, it’s no wonder that we love Bob. Bob founded Marcelli Formaggi with son Andrew, and together they bring the truest expression of the terroir of Abruzzo here to Brooklyn.Read The Full Article


    From the Beard House: Spiaggia's Tony Mantuano spreads the love


    Think you're over romance? Then stay away from Spiaggia's chef. It is easy to fall in love with Tony Mantuano's love of Italy