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Farmstead cheese is the freshest cheese you can buy. "Farmstead" means our cheese is made using only the milk our animals provide.  That's why our cheese is also the most rare cheese you can find in the United States.   On our family farm in Abruzzo, we raise our sheep and goats with the highest standards in the most pristine of environments.  Our ricottas and pecorinos are outstanding - intense and fresh and full of unique flavors.  They have been written up in the most prestigious of publications and they are served in the best restaurants in the country.   We are proud to offer them to you.    BECAUSE OUR CHEESE IS HANDMADE IN SMALL BATCHES, OUR INVENTORY FLUCTUATES.  CHECK BACK OFTEN TO SEE WHAT'S AVAILABLE.

Pecorino Brigantaccio


Pecorino Brigantaccio 1 lb. This organic cheese is aged 1-2 years, made from organic raw sheep's milk, salt, rennet and natural bran. This is a mature pecorino made from the milk of the rare Sopravvissana sheep and in the tradition of the 19th century...

Pecorino Gregoriano

Pecorino Gregoriano


Pecorino Gregoriano 1 lb. Also known as "Soft Pecorino", this cheese is all organic - aged 3 months or more, made from raw Sopravvissana sheep milk, salt and rennet. A unique one of a kind "soft Pecorino", It's made by Gregorio who is as unique as...