Farabella Gluten Free Cavatelli 6 oz

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Farabella Gluten Free Cavatelli 6oz (Ingredients below)

Innovation and technology respecting tradition

Bioalimenta was founded in 2000 to respond to the needs of consumers affected by Celiac disease, to use dietary foods that looked and tasted the same as other common foods.

We built a facility that is designed to guarantee that our master pasta-makers have constant control over their activities, we have installed state of the art equipment that is able to produce and respect traditional production methods. 

In these few years, the idea of “making quality” has driven us each day to perform better than the day before, in compliance with the virtuous processes certified by ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 standards that have all been rigorously applied throughout our company.

Our processes are designed to maximize the preservation of the natural characteristics of the raw materials being transformed. The latter, obtained from the milling of carefully selected NON GMO naturally gluten-free cereals, are skillfully dosed to assure the correct caloric value needed for a healthy diet and for the enjoyment of good food.


Our essential ingredients:

LOVE passion and constancy of our pasta makers.
CAREFUL CONTINUOUS RESEARCH into naturally gluten-free ingredients, all carefully selected and strictly followed
Pure spring WATER from the Verde river.
Unspoiled AIR from the Maiella National Park.
PRODUCTION FACILITIES for advanced technologies of traditional processes.
Technological RESEARCH to produce perfect extruders.
SKILL and experience of the pasta makers.


Gluten Free Imported Cavatelli ingredients:

Corn flour, rice flour.


Reviews (1)

Anne M 7th May 2020

Cavatelli gluten free

Excellent safe pasta for me to eat and enjoy! And it is cavatelli! Quick ship

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