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Caserecci Bronze cut Artisan Italian pasta from Abruzzo

A combination of the words “homemade” and “little”, this shape is made using short lengths that have been rolled at the edges and slightly twisted.

This cut lends itself to any recipe with grilled fennel, sausage, broccoli rabe, tomatoes, etc.

Pastificio Masciarelli (est. 1867) located in the small Abruzzo mountain village of Pratola Peligna (AQ), is regarded as one the oldest family pasta producers in Italy; having been operated by the same small family throughout their 145 year history.

What makes Pastificio Masciarelli Bronze Cut Pasta so incredible? Well, almost 95% of all dry pasta produced is made using silicon dyes, which create a very smooth surface. Not Masciarelli.

They create their bronze cut artisan pasta one form at a time, using a single press and a small set of handmade circular bronze dyes. The ingredients are simple: 100% durum wheat (high in protein) and pure spring water from the waters of the surrounding Majella National Park; and nothing else.

Each batch is handled independently from the others; mixed and adjusted by eye and feel and cut by hand. The resulting shapes are allowed to dry at a very low temperature (not exceeding 45* c) for as long as 3 days.

This method is more time consuming than those used by most of their large scale counterparts, but allows for the gradual removal of moisture from the pasta. A fact that can be seen on the pasta itself, in the form of a fine dust of flour that remains on the surface.

All of this extra effort and bronze dyes produce a rough texture, (which you can feel) and allows sauce to cling to this extraordinary product. So, if you’ve ever wondered why the sauce just slides off your regular industrial pasta, this is why; it has nothing to cling to.



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Steve Sashihara 8th Jan 2018

Highest quality pasta

I have been intending to write a review of Marcelli Formaggi's Abuzzo pasta for quite some time -- as it is by far our family favorite. In addition to the great texture, there is a very subtle minerality in the pasta that makes it memorable. Rather than go on and on, I'd like to invite anyone to try it and see for yourself. We're true believers.

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