Ricotta Peperoncino

This Ricotta is flavored with Italian Peperoncino (chili). Made from pure "Sopravvissana" sheep's milk fed on the high pastures of Abruzzo.

They are traditionally produced, as Ricotta is one of the oldest products in this area. The whey is heated up to 80° C in order to make the proteins coagulate; they then float on the top of the liquid. After that, the milk is added and the soft flakes of Ricotta are gently collected and put in the "fuscelle" (the traditional containers with small holes that allow the liquid to get out).

After mild salting and drying, the ricotta is smoked for twelve hours using juniper wood. Smoking is an ancient practise to preserve food and it gives the Ricotta intense fragrances through the juniper cold smoke (less than 26° C); the smoke is cooled in order to avoid composts which can affect the flavors and taste of the Ricotta. Good for hors d'oeuvres or first courses as an excellent alternative to flavored butter, it is also perfect at the end of the meal with honey or jam. Its flavors allow the Juniper Smoked Ricotta to enhance the taste of all dishes, and it could also be used to season pasta, with truffles.

Average Age: 2-3 Months
Average Weight: 8-10 oz.


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