Smoked Ricotta al Fumo di Ginepro

Cold Smoked Organic Ricotta w/Juniper

Aged 2-6 months

Made from organic raw “Sopravvissana” sheep milk whey, sea salt and rennet.

Special Mention, BioCaseus, Pienza: 2007
1st Prize BioCaseus Slow Food, Bra: 2005
Commendation of Italian Academy of Cuisine, Prize “Villani”: 2005
1st Prize Olympics of Mountain Cheese,Saint Vincent 2002 Commendation of Academy of Taste

One of the finest examples of smoked ricotta in Italy and listed in the Slow Food Book of Italian Cheese and Ark of Taste. It’s one of the oldest products in this area and smoking is an ancient practice to preserve food and gives the Ricotta intense fragrances. The whey is heated up to 80° C in order to make the proteins coagulate; they then float to the top and the soft flakes of Ricotta are gently collected and put in the “fuscelle”. After mild salting and drying, the ricotta is cold smoked over night using juniper wood.

This amazing ricotta is wonderfully sweet, semi soft and has a mild smoky finish.


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