Chestnut Blossom Honey 250g

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Organic Chestnut Honey - 250g

One of the most popular types of honey throughout Italy; each one differs from the next in color, flavor, and complexity.
Gathered from bees that feed on the nectar of chestnut blossoms. This dark, smooth honey is traditionally used extensively in baking, and is also well suited to strong mature cheeses, such as our Muffato. Chestnut honey is one of the more typical varieties not only of Abruzzo, but of Italy in general. As chestnuts become widely available in street markets and stores in the autumn, the honey derived from these trees arrives a bit earlier - and in countless forms. The apiary from which our Castagna honey comes from produces an slightly dark-opaque product that has sweet caramel notes. Chestnut honey has more antioxidants and anti-inflammitory properties than any other forest honey.


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6th Jan 2017

Honey Fantastic

The best honey I have ever tasted! Goes great on everything. I think I will purchase gift baskets next year for Christmas.

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