Ingredients: Dried and fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, Leccino olives, onion, spices. (145gr)

Ingredients: Tomato, aubergines, zucchini, carrots, champignon mushrooms, peppers, onion, spices. (200gr)


The 'Art of simplicity, the' attention to the choice of raw materials, care in the presentation of recipes, these are the ingredients. Cherry tomatoes 94%, basil 1,5%, onion, carrots, olive oil, salt. (500GR)

Ingredients: Tomatoes 90%, extra virgin olive oil 8% 0.1% hot pepper garlic, salt, parsley. (200gr)

Ingredients: Tomatoes 88%, extra virgin olive oil 3.5%, onion, salt, garlic, basil 0.5%

The Soaccatella, as Ms. Edda (Edduccia) says, is simply made with small round washed cherry tomatoes, split in half, unpeeld and put into the jar with a little basil. A very good basis for your dishes.(580gr)

Mushrooms in varying quantities (champignon, straw mushrooms, pleurotus, wild mushrooms, pinaroli mushrooms, shiitake) extra virgin olive oil, black truffle, onion, spices.

A long time ago one needed to recover anything from the soil. Farmers needed to use even unripe tomatoes (September-October) because the pale sun did not permit total red pigmentation.

INGREDIENTS: Chopped Artichokes 68%, 26% extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic, parsley, basil, mint, salt, white pepper. Acidifying: lactic acid (130gr/4.5oz.)

INGREDIENTS: Tomato 88%, 4.2% carrots, onion, olive oil extra verginedi 3.9%, 0.6% basil, salt, garlic. (220gr)

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