Ursini Olio extra vergine “Terre del'Abbazia” 750ml

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Variety: Gentile di Chieti, Cucco, Leccino, Olivastra, Crognalegno, Ascolana and Straight. The proportions vary from year to year depending on the various collections.

Appearance: Color pale green with yellow undertones.

Odour: perfume expresses fine and elegant nose, recalls the ripe tomato, vanilla and green banana.

Taste: lightly fruity and herbaceous, offers a taste-centered sweet character with the addition of a light touch of balsamic.

Pairings:The absence of bitter and spicy notes make it an ideal companion of cooking to 360 degrees. Good on raw and boiled. Very well on caprese salad, vinaigrette and cooked vegetables. Among the best virgin for use in confectionery.


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Richard Carnovale 28th Jan 2018

Terre del Abbazia

I already tasted this "spectacular"olive oil at Le Virtu, an Abruzzese Italian restaurant in South Philly. As you can imagine from my name I am Italian. Like my father used to say "your best part"! As a first generation Italian American and true Italophile I love all things Italian. I cook and I and my family have traveled all over Italy. This oil is non pariel. If they served this at IL Cenacolo, who knows things might have been different! I am so glad I discovered you. A presto, Ricardo

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