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LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER PLEASE. Bag is 5kg, or 11 pounds.


For a limited time and in response to the global crisis, we are opening up our restaurant wholesale bulk pasta size and pricing to our online community. 

Pasta is one of the top 10 foods experiencing shortages in the United States and we are happy to extend these savings to you all. 

Zaccagni Bronze Cut Linguine-

The secrets that make our Zaccagni Bronze Cut pasta so extraordinary lie in the top-quality Italian grain and the mineral rich pure spring water that flows from the Majella Mountains, whose snow-capped mountains you can see from the Pastificio.

Fusilli is a twisty shape and the bronze cut helps any sauce or ingredient cling to the pasta. This cut lends itself to any recipe with grilled fennel, sausage, broccoli rabe, tomatoes and of course, mac and cheese.

Zaccagni Bronze Cut pasta is made using bronze dies that are over 100 years old and gently slow dried at very low temperatures to produce the classic bronze cut texture that your favorite sauce will gladly cling to. What makes Zaccagni pasta so extraordinary? 95% of all large scale pasta is produced using teflon dies and rapidly forced dried. This produces a very smooth texture (or lack thereof) and provides nothing for your sauce to cling to. Not Zaccagni! We take our time and produce the best artisan pasta that we can, so that you can enjoy the experience of true Italian pasta.

This slow drying method is very time consuming, but slowly aids in the removal of moisture from the pasta. The benefits of this process can be seen in the fine dust of flour that remains on the surface of the pasta and greatly contributes to the incredible texture.

Abruzzo is considered the "Green Heart of Europe", with more National Park space than any other area of Europe. The pasta is produced in a small town in the Province of Chieti, Abruzzo and we are only 4 miles from the Adriatic Sea. This beautiful region produces extraordinary pasta, olive oil, wine and cheese and we invite you to taste the fruits of Abruzzo.


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Alberto T. 10th Apr 2020

Spaghettiest Spaghetti of them all!

What can I say besides that this is one of the best pasta products I've ever had and have ever used in more than 20 years cooking professionally. Not only is the pasta flavorful, forgiving and has an amazing texture and ability to cradle any sauce you put with it, but the company has heart. Great people and great food is what it's all about. Keep up the great work!

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