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Caciocavallo Podolico Colantuano

Caciocavallo Podolico Colantuano 1 lb. This cheese is made from organic raw Podolico Cow milk and aged 4-15 months.  The cheese also contains salt and rennet. This Caciocavallo was entered into the 2012 Gambero Rosso Formaggi i migliori d'Italia...

Pecorino Gregoriano

Pecorino Gregoriano 1 lb. Also known as "Soft Pecorino", this cheese is all organic - aged 3 months or more, made from raw Sopravvissana sheep milk, salt and rennet. A unique one of a kind "soft Pecorino", It's made by Gregorio who is as unique as...

Manteca Caciocavallo Podolico

Manteca Caciocavallo Podolico  This mini version of our prized Caciocavallo Podolico is ardently sought after for it's "Dairy Inception."  In short, it's butter and cheese.  In a word, perfection.  A member of the Pasta Filata...