Caputo 00 Tipo Chef's Flour 2.2LB (1kg)

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Caputo 00 Tipo Chef's Flour 2.2LB (1kg) 

 Create wonderful dough using this Antimo Caputo Chef's 00 Flour. It is Italian pizza flour that produces the quintessential bite for fast baked pizza. This Antimo Caputo flour is soft wheat flour that contains elastic gluten. It is ideal for dough that requires a long fermentation period. This 2.2 lb package can be stocked up and stored in a cabinet until needed. Utilize it at home or in restaurants to add a creative touch to favorite meals. There are no extra additives.

Antimo Caputo Chef's 00 Flour 1 Kilo, 2.2 Lb:

  • Soft wheat flour
  • 1 Kilo flour contains strong, elastic gluten
  • Product of Italy
  • Professional's flour
  • Ideal for dough that requires long fermentation
  • Wonderful option for fast-baked pizza
  • Does not contain extra additives
  • Mixed according to the ancient art of milling


Ingredients: Soft Wheat Flour Tipo 00.



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