Award-Winning Italian Honey Sampler

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Italian Honey Sampler

We call our honey "Mountain Honey" because it comes from the rugged mountains of two of Italy's largest National Parks.   Anversa degli Abruzzi, also a World Wildlife Federation site, is a region of pristine air quality and micro climates and is home to over 125 wild herbs and flowers.  We source the honey directly from a 4th generation family beekeeper in no other than Tornareccio, “The Town of Honey.” Included in this collection are the 2016 Sofi Gold Award Winner ‘Cioccomiel’ or Chocolate Hazelnut Honey, as given by the prestigious Specialty Food Association; as well as a finalist in the very same category, ‘Sulla Blossom’ and finished with a truly exceptional ‘Millefiori’, or Thousand Flowers Honey.


Sulla Blossom Honey - “Miele di Sulla” is from the Italian Honeysuckle plant family.

This opaque and slightly sweet honey has wonderful hints of lime, malt and caramel. It’s a single varietal honey that often has a clear top layer and naturally crystallized bottom layer.  The complex citrus overtones lend itself to many culinary applications including as a sweetener for tea and pairing with many types of cheese.  The Sulla plant is typical of many of the traditional field flowers found in central Italy, particularly Abruzzo, and is harvested in the early spring.

Cioccomiel – Chocolate Hazelnut Honey

Our Cioccomiel honey is a rich mixture of (90%) Acacia honey, hazelnut paste and cocoa. And it’s not subtle. Intensely flavored is more like it.

What strikes you about this is the many layers of flavors that you experience. First, it’s the acacia honey, one of the most intense floral honeys around. It’s from the black locust tree and has subtle hints of vanilla.Next, the hazelnut paste that is so rich and smooth, it makes your eyes light up. Finally, the cocoa, sweet and chocolatey. The three ingredients take turns vying for the attention of your taste buds. It’s that good!


Thousand Flower Honey – ‘Miele Millefiori’

The name ‘Millefiori’, or “Thousand Flowers” is given to honey that is not produced just from one specific plant but from an innumerable quantity and variety of different flowers. For this reason, it is also known as wildflower honey and can have a different flavor and color from year to year, depending on the botanical species that are prevalent at that time.  In this case, the wildflowers are those that blossom on the mountains of Abruzzo, Italy. It’s a perfect representation of the land at a particular place and time with intense floral characteristics. 



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