Caciocavallo Podolico Colantuano

Organic Raw Podolico Cow Milk. Aged 6-15 months Made with Raw Podolico Italiano cow’s milk, Salt and Rennet.

Made by Carmelina Colantuono; referred to in Italy as the “Last Cow Girl”

Listed in the Slow Food Ark of Taste

Entered into the 2012 Gambero Rosso Formaggi i migliori d'Italia 2012

1st Prize Biocaseus, Pienza: 2007-2009
2nd Prize "Golden Caciocavallo" Frosolone: 2005-2007-2010-2011
1° and 2° Prize "Golden Caciocavallo" Frosolone: 2004

Made by Carmelina Colantuono; referred to in Italy as the “Last Cow Girl”.

She is one of only a few Italian women cheese-makers and is carrying on the tradition of her family, making this exceptional caciocavallo cheese. A fourth generation cheese maker, she shepherds the Podolico cows on their yearly 250 km transhumance on horseback.

Aged from 10 to 15 months (as long as 5 years), this is a very complex cheese. Podolico, the breed is very strong and can survive in extreme conditions, able to feed in difficult conditions at high altitudes. (Where other cows cannot survive).

Feeding on different herbs that are present on the mountain pastures, the milk from this cow, which is produced in small quantities, is particularly rich - but the flavors and aromas are unique and intense.

It’s traditionally paired with Castagno honey.


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