Ricotta Passita

Cold Smoked Organic Ricotta with Mountain Herbs. Aged 3-9 months. Mountain herbs: peperoncino, thyme, rosemary.

Made from organic raw “Sopravvissana” sheep milk whey, sea salt, rennet and mountain herbs.

Cousin Nunzio’s ricottas are listed in the Slow Food Book of Italian Cheese and Ark of Taste. One of the oldest regional products, the smoking is an ancient practice to preserve food and gives the Ricotta intense fragrances. This is a sheep's milk ricotta from Abruzzo with a seasoned exterior. The cheese is basket aged for the first month and then allowed to mature and ripen for two months or more in the cave. This is an earthy, farm-made cheese. It's pungent and full of life; its herbed exterior imbues flavor and color. The milk tastes of the wild herbs and flowers the sheep graze on. The dark skin forms from the microbes in the cave interacting with the herbs, similar to scorza nera.

The black skin comes from natural mold and protects the ricotta inside keeping it rich and very delicate. Full flavoured, spicy, creamy and intense. Nunzio Marcelli says this cheese tastes of the flower of the sheep.

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