At the young age of 3, Andrew spend the day in his Dad's kitchen in Maine, peeling red shrimp and fine Aroostook County potatoes. This prompted James Beard to observe that "it looked like he was on his way to a chef's bonnet". By age 5, he could be found in the walk-in of Larry Forgione's An American Place, inspecting buffalo rib eyes and foie gras.

And in Virginia, while his friends played baseball, he could be found working the front of the house at Bob's restaurant, conversing with the mayor and having brunch with his friend Walter P. Chrysler Jr.

But, life has a funny way of bringing us back to where we started. Andrew has been able to spend a good deal of time in Italy, in the village of his family.

On his uncle's organic Bioagriturismo farm, he learned firsthand about the importance of caring for the land and eating what was in season. He made cheese with the cheese maker, worked in the caseificio maturing the cheese, cared for the sheep with the shepherds, and perfected the art of life in the piazza.

Today Andrew can be found talking about the nuances of wild grass fed sheep and the effects of micro climates on extra virgin olive oil with some of New York City's best chefs.


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