Bob, a 1990 James Beard Foundation Rising Star Chef, also studied with Mr. Beard. Through the encouragement of Jim Beard, Bob was introduced to legendary American chef, Larry Forgione and offered a position on the opening staff of An American Place.

Under Chef Forgione's patient guidance, he learned first hand about fresh seasonal and artisanal products. During this time, Bob had the good fortune to meet many of Chef Forgione's peers, including Alice Waters, Jeremiah Tower, Paul Prudhomme, Mark Miller and Wolfgang Puck.

After four years at An American Place,he moved to Virginia and opened Stripes, his nod to regional American cuisine. Using only American products, he was featured in a half page article in the New York Times and received national, regional and local awards for his simple and creative cooking.

Fast forward, and today Bob is a "recovering chef" who along with son Andrew, is the co-founder of Marcelli Formaggi. During a remarkable journey to the families ancestral home in Anversa degli Abruzzi, he discovered that his long lost family there were incredible cheese makers.

Following the desire of his father Anthony to participate in the life of the village, they decided to form Marcelli Formaggi and bring the products of their family in Italy, to America.



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